We at Rally Events are happy to donate to Charity organizations. We see it as an honor to donate a part of the income raised for our events and rallys to organizations that in a professional way help people that are in need. These Charity organizations can change but you can always be assured that they are well selected and very much worth helping them.

EuroParcs, Clarity Foundation

EuroParcs Charity Foundation offers families, of which 1 or more children suffer cancer, free holidays. Also the EuroParcs Charity Foundation aims to collect as much funds as possible to realize the construction of adapted holiday homes for these families.
The adapted holiday homes (holiday castles) are completely offered for usage to VOKK (organization of parents with children suffering cancer), who support children and parents during and after their illness offering all sorts of information and supporting them in many different ways.

Butterfly children

Imagine for a moment, without prior warning, your baby is born with a rare condition. Their skin is as fragile as the wings of a butterfly. The lightest touch causes pain and open wounds and this is set to continue for every day of their short lives

The hospital has little information to share because of the rarity of the disease and it is unlikely that they will have previously dealt with a case of a newborn with Epidermolysis bullosa

It is because of this that the DEBRA, the Butterfly Children´s Charity was created to support, inform and to accompany both families and health care professionals.Life is easier if we can share the journey.